Marriage & Children

Recently a friend of mine shared the article “9 Brutally real reasons why millennials refuse to have kids” and there was the radio show on “All the Single Ladies” that was talking about how more and more woman are choosing to not get married or have children. This is important not only because of the … More Marriage & Children


A friend of mine blog’d, so I am continuing the thread, sort of. Racism is interesting. I mean the term “racism” itself is interesting in that different people interpret it differently. To me, racism is “discriminating someone because of their race”. – manzoor


Went to pray in the morning. Didn’t take the day off from work, so went to the very early one that was to being at 8. Went to work after the prayer. In the evening went to a friends for dinner. Came home close to 11 (I think). – manzoor

9/11 – 15 Years Later

The world today is a very different place than it used to be. Not to say that the world would not have changed with the terrible event of that day but that day has probably had one of the most profound impact on the future in the recent future. – manzoor