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2020 US Election

Last time I wrote about the US Election, it was about the 2016 US Presidential Election and it was focused more on the presidential election process. And it looks like I stopped writing / updating it on Oct 23rd. Wonder why I didn’t continue thru the end . . . .

Anyway, this time around I am writing, or at least I am starting to write, on the over all Election. I feel we have come to a point where we as individuals have to take some ownership in this whole political system. We have become so used to saying “it’s a broken system” without looking at what I can do about making this less broken.

– manzoor


Super Tuesday

Mar 1st, ’16

  • Alabama (GOP, Dem)
  • Alaska (Caucus) (GOP)
  • American Samoa (Caucus) (Dem)
  • Arkansan (GOP, Dem)
  • Colorado (Caucus) (Dem)
  • Georgia (GOP, Dem)
  • Massachusetts (GOP, Dem)
  • Minnesota (Caucus) (GOP, Dem)
  • North Dakota (Caucus) (GOP)
  • Oklahoma (GOP, Dem)
  • Tennesse
  • Texas
  • Vermont
  • Virginia

– manzoor