Monthly Archives: October 2016


It was a weird day. I heard of 2 of my friends ending their relationship.

Earlier in the morning a friend from work mentioned that the relationship she had with for the last 5 years had ended. And later in the evneing I ran into one of my daughters’ friend’s parent who is going thru a divorce ending a 20 year marriage.

My friend from work, who had been in her relationship for 5 years but not married or engaged, mentioned that she knew that they had grown more and more apart but she was still together because the co-dependency was comfortable. Whereas my daughter’s friend’s mother, who had been married for 20 years, said that her husband was cheating and they were working on it and he did it again. Ending the relatioship (they are still in the process of their divorce) was more a relief for her and her children and they were more able to move forward.

– manzoor


Unintended Consequences

We were having a lunch time talk around the kitchen area and we got to talking about donations having Unintended Consequences.

But what I realized almost immediately that everything, every action has unintended consequences. We can’t really over think it though. Yes, of course and obviously we have to make sure that we don’t have negative consequence that out weight our well intentions. But we can only spend so much time and energy on that – avoiding the unintended negative consequence.

– manzoor