Monthly Archives: November 2012

Big Data

My Notes

  1. Hadoop
    1. Hadoop local vs “in the cloud” (i.e., EC2)
      1. Need EC2 CLI (on local host) –
  2. Hive vs Pig vs HBase
  3. MapReduce
  • Hadoop in Action by Chuck Lam (Mannin)
  • Hadoop Operations by Eric Sammer (O’Reilly)
  • Programming Hive by Capriolo, Wampler, Rutherglen (O’Reilly)

– manzoor


DB Programming

DB not limited to MySQL and Postgress but includes Redis, MongoDB, elasticsearch etc.

The goal is to find the lowest possible tool – i.e., scheel commands would be the lowest and dedicated DB tool would be the highest. Python, Ruby, PHP would be on the lower end of the middle and Java would be on the higher.

– manzoor

On-Screen Couples

Here is a list of couples that I have found myself wishing that they would work out. I know I’ve meaning to put this together for a while now, but a recent episode of Big Bang Theory caused me to finally do it (and that is why Leanord & Penny are at the top of the list). Unfortunately I’m really drawing a blank but am hoping more of these couple will come to mind – even if slowly.

– manzoor