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Quack’s 43rd Street Bakery

Turkey and Swiss Croissant Lemon Pound Cake and Coffee

– manzoor


Phở Hoang

  • Location – North – Burnet & Rundberg
  • Cuisine – Vietnamese
  • Cost / Price – $
  • Rate – 9
My favorite Pho Restaurant in Austin. I’ve tried both of their locations (on Burnet and around Round Rock). Though the RR locations seemed to have a few extra choices in menu that the original did not, I still prefer the location on Burnet & Rutland.
– manzoor

Spring Rolls Bun

PhoNatic Vietnamese Cuisine

I really miss not being close to PhoNatic. It was one of my favorite lunch spots. I worked within walking distance from it, it was relatively inexpensive (it could get fairly expensive if you were not careful), service was both quick / prompt and courteous.

Unfortunately I no longer work in that area and have not visited PhoNatic in over a couple of years.

Bánh Bao Thịt Nướng

– manzoor

Other places near by:

Noble Pig Sandwiches

  • Location – North (Round Rock / Cedar Park)
  • Cuisine – Sandwich
  • Cost – $+
  • Rate – 8

June 17th, ’12 – Went there for lunch for the very first time yesterday. It was really, really busy – but definitely well worth it.

February 15th, ’13 – Went there for breakfast.

Thai Mushroom Soup Knuckle Sandwich Smoked Duck Pastrami with Russian Dressing and Rye Pickles Spicy Blackened Chicken

Coffee Milk Biscuit with Turkey, Eggs and Black Pepper Gravy

– manzoor