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Maria’s Taco Xpress


  • Cuisine – Tex-Mex, Breakfast
  • Location – South, Congress
  • Hours –
  • Price –


Maria's Taco Xpress

Maria's Taco Express - After  the Move Wall Art

– manzoor



BOSE 3-2-1 GS / GSX but no Blu-Ray :o(

I am looking at the BOSE 3-2-1 series as a possible solution for my “home theater” solution but the absence of Blu-Ray DVD is really making it difficult :o( When I called the Customer Care folks (they only have phone access, no online system) he started giving me excuses like:

  • Blu-Ray isn’t doing really well, DVD is still 92% of the market and Blu-Ray is ONLY 8
  • BOSE has HDMI output and 1080p upscaling
  • Blu-Ray is very expensive ($30/disc vs $10/DVD)

When I countered that Blu-Ray is the only High Definition option (since HD DVD has been pulled), he finally agreed that BOSE “might” one day have a Blu-Ray option, but nothing that was in the plans at this time.

I suppose BOSE is more interested in the “sound” aspect of the “Home Theater” issue and to them anything that has anything to do with the video is not as important.

But to the Customer Care’s credit, he did point me to the CineMate speakers ONLY solution from Bose that allows me to use my existing existing gear including my “yet-to-be-purchased” Blue-Ray DVD player. This at least allows me to replace my existing floor standing JBL speakers (which I love, but is taking up too much “space”).

– manzoor