YouTube Red

Paid YouTube? I guess that’s reasonable. We already pay for quite a bit of online entertainment – Netflix, Hulu, Spotify etc. Why not YouTube too. I used to not have a TV when I first came here from Bangladesh. I didn’t really have the time or, this is more important, the money to afford it. … More YouTube Red


Intention is important. Doing the “right” thing with the “wrong” intent could be as bad as doing the “wrong” thing. It’s the “intent” that we communicate. And it is in communicating the intent that we lie / deceive. Playboy today announced that it would no longer be publishing / printing fully nude pictures. Seems like Playboy is doing … More Intention

Virtual System

With Windows, OS X and Linux all running on x86 processors, it is only natural to want to run all the OSs on the same hardware. So far, in my experience, VirtualBox is the easiest to use for this task. Copying Virtual Machine Images Of course, once you have VMs, the one the most time … More Virtual System