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Our lives are a collection of relationships. Some are active, some passive. Some professional but most are personal. Even some of the professional ones have a personal element. But most are situational. That is the one characteristic that is common. Very rarely do we choose to be in a relationship with someone. It is a situation that brings us together and then it is up to us to work on the relationship.

Our relationship with our parents are probably, and usually, the very first that we are presented with.

Marriage is one of the few, if not the only one, where we do get into a contract to be in the relationship. Yes, we do from time to time get into a business partnership in a somewhat similar style and also when we get into a employee / employer situation there is also a “contract” involved but the marriage contract seems unique.

50% of marriages end in divorces.

The other half end in death.


– manzoor

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