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Humans Won’t Survive Another 1,000 Years, Says Stephen Hawking — Sparkonit

In a speech at the Oxford University Union, the legendary theoretical physicists Stephen Hawking says humanity will not survive another 1,000 years on Earth because of the usual suspects such as climate change, nuclear war and artificial intelligence. Our best chance to survive is to leave earth and find another planet to live on. “Although…

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A Man Called Ove

Feb 10th, ’18 – Finally watched it on my Apple TV via Amazon Prime Video. It’s actually funny, because I was looking for a different movie, Khaad, that my friend had suggested and searching for it lead to no success I fell back to re-watch Moonstruck and after finishing it I was just browsing and stumbled.

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After a long, long, long wait.

The Cubs won the World Series. The last time they won it was back in 1908. Yes, 108 years is a fairy long time to wait for a World Series Win. It was actually the longest any team has gone without a World Series Win.

– manzoor

  • I believe there are Baseball teams that have never won a World Series. But it is possible that those team(s) did not even exist 108 years ago.
  • How many times have the Cubs reached the World Series since the last time they won in 1908?