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Dhaka Cafe

  • 7200 Eldridge Parkway, #107, Houston, TX 77083
  • (281) 988-6244

Went there for the first time last weekend (Sat Mar 16th) for dinner. We had:

  • Roast Chicken Biriyani
  • Mughlai Poratha
  • Daal Puri
  • Ruhu Fish
  • Jilabi
  • Golap Jamon
  • Kalo Jaam
  • Roshomalai

Everything was good, but the “Mughlai Poratha”, “Daal Puri” and “Golap Jamon” was specially good.

We got there just before 10pm (they close at 10) but we called as we were headed in. They stayed open for us and were very nice. The restaurant was very clean and spacious.

Next time I am in that area I’m definitely visiting them again.

BTW, I was so impressed with the food that I actually forgot to take pix 😦 The only pix I took were of the jilabi and Mughlai.

JalebiMughlai Paratha

– manzoor