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Game of Thrones

Finally started to watch and since I had 7 whole seasons to catch up – I did what any unreasonable person would do. I powered thru 6 seasons (that is 60+ episodes) in about 4 weeks. Which leaves me Season 7 and then I should be caught up.

I do think I should mention that though I had tried, half heartedly, to watch the series in the past, I have put it off because I told myself that I wanted to read the book(s) first. But I never really made any effort to find the book(s). That probably says something 😦 But this time around a lot of my friends really got into the whole #GoT discussion and I was having a hard time avoiding it. If I am not going to be able to avoid it, I figured I ought to watch it so as to be able to comment / participate in the discussion.

Also, there was a mention of Ed Sheeran being in there.

– manzoor



Friendship is a relationship between 2, or more, individuals that is more than just that of being acquaintance. The “more” is of course relative and unique. While we all experience many friendships over our lifetime, we most often fail to realize, recognize or appreciate these friendships or the friends.

I consider myself to be very, very fortunate to have had experienced several friendships over the years. One of the strongest of these were one that I formed just before my teens. While the bond may not be as strong at this very moment, but that is more a reflection of life having taken us in different paths.

– manzoor

Men and Friendship

Heard the radio program as I was heading to work after dropping my daughter. Off the bat I had a few questions:

  • Is this phenomenon unique to America / Western World
  • Is this a new development. I.e, was this not a issue 10 / 50 / 100 years ago?
  • Is the assumption that the friendship has to be between men?

– manzoor

Baby Driver

I could not get over the fact that Baby had the head phone backwards – on his right ear he had the left and on his left ear the right. Don’t even know why it bothered me so.

I got to the theater a little late because I had actually gone to the Arbor Theater – mistakenly. I missed all the previews and the very, very beginning of the movie. But I did find my favorite seat.

– manzoor