3 Car Wreck

A couple of hours ago I witnessed a car hit head-on 2 other car coming in opposite direction. The lone northbound car I think ran a red light or at least a no-left turn and hit the 2 other car that were south bound (on Parmer Ln at Anderson Mill). This is the first time … More 3 Car Wreck


We have made so much progress in being able to physically travel from any place on the world to a different place, yet so few of us actually do take advantage. While like many of you I too would love to travel and visit so many places. What I would really love to do is … More Travel

Choice & Sacrifice

Was having a conversation with a friend and we got on the topic of life choices that we make and the sacrifices that come along. During the conversation I mentioned how “sacrifice” is usually seen as a negative and how it was really unfair. What I didn’t quite realize then is that – sacrifice is … More Choice & Sacrifice


Aug 24th, ’16 – I don’t think we realize how often perceptions are down right wrong. Perceptions that we hold of others and perceptions that other’s hold of us. Even perceptions of our own selves that we hold have not a whole lot to do with the truth. Nov 14th, ’20 – Yesterday I had … More Perception

Star Trek & I

I grew up watching, among many other TV series, Star Trek the original series. I don’t think I had a choice but to be a fan of it – because all of my friends were fans of the series. Many years later, when I first came to the US, the third season of Star Trek: … More Star Trek & I