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3 Car Wreck

A couple of hours ago I witnessed a car hit head-on 2 other car coming in opposite direction. The lone northbound car I think ran a red light or at least a no-left turn and hit the 2 other car that were south bound (on Parmer Ln at Anderson Mill).

This is the first time I ever witnessed a wreck this close.

– manzoor



We have made so much progress in being able to physically travel from any place on the world to a different place, yet so few of us actually do take advantage.

While like many of you I too would love to travel and visit so many places. What I would really love to do is go somewhere and live, get an apartment and actually live, there for a significant amount of time – say 3 to 6 months. With remotely working becoming more and more an everyday thing I think I could do this without having to take time off from “work”.

– manzoor

I wonder:

  • How many of us have moved / travelled 100 miles / 200 miles / 1,000 miles from our place of birth?
  • How frequently do we travel?
  • How many different cultures have we been exposed to?

Let’s get to know each other, shall we?

Apparently, this is a chain letter old skool FB style.

Four names I go by

  1. Baba / Beta / Bhaiya
  2. Manzoor
  3. Hassan
  4. Anjan

Four places I have lived

  1. Austin TX
  2. Dhaka, Bangladesh
  3. Shanghai, China
  4. Manila, Philippines

Four things I love to watch on TV

  1. Big Bang Theory
  2. Daily Show
  3. Seinfeld
  4. Star Trek

Four places I have visited

  1. London
  2. Bangkok

Four things I love to eat

  1. Butter
    2. Butter cream icing
    3. Avocados
    4. Grandmas humus from the Mediterranean Chef

Four people I think will respond and hopefully play along.

  1. ??
  2. ??
  3. ??
  4. ??

Four favorite drinks

  1. Lemonade
  2. Topo Chico
  3. Coffee
  4. Diet Coke

– manzoor

Choice & Sacrifice

Was having a conversation with a friend and we got on the topic of life choices that we make and the sacrifices that come along. During the conversation I mentioned how “sacrifice” is usually seen as a negative and how it was really unfair.

What I didn’t quite realize then is that – sacrifice is only seen as a negative because we associate it with something “I” am having to do. I do the sacrificing. We are quite happy to accept the sacrifices of others.

Choice and Sacrifice is also a constantly evolving idea. What seems like a sacrifice today may not feel like a sacrifice sometime in the future. What seems like a perfectly viable option or choice one day may not have seem so earlier. We tend to forget how we feel about our options unless we are faced with them in the immediate time.

– manzoor


Aug 24th, ’16 – I don’t think we realize how often perceptions are down right wrong. Perceptions that we hold of others and perceptions that other’s hold of us. Even perceptions of our own selves that we hold have not a whole lot to do with the truth.

Nov 14th, ’20 – Yesterday I had to run some errands and on one of the drives I heard the tail end of the recent 2 Guys on Your Head Podcast – “Perception and Affordance”. I knew (or was fairly certain) that had very similar thoughts on the power of Perception that I must have had written (or had started to write) something on this topic. I finally had some time to look for it and Voilà, I found it.

– manzoor

Once Over Coffee Bar

Finally went and got myself a Chai Latte. Nice vibe. It does close a bit too early. Wish it was open a bit longer. Not that I would be going any more frequently if it was. Mostly because it is so far away from me. But if I was in that part of town and it was open, maybe I would. Maybe.

Once OverOnce Over Coffee Bar

Chai Latte

Only been here once so too early to rate. But I have a feeling I will like visiting again sometime soon.

– manzoor

Star Trek & I

I grew up watching, among many other TV series, Star Trek the original series. I don’t think I had a choice but to be a fan of it – because all of my friends were fans of the series.

Many years later, when I first came to the US, the third season of Star Trek: The New Generation was already on and only one of my friends followed it and mentioned it a few times to me. I made excuses like:

Looking back, the last excuse was, and still is, actually the only legitimate argument. After I had finally broken my tie to the Original Series and started watching TNG I became a bigger fan of Picard and Data then I had ever been of Kirk. Most of the individual episodes of TNG were way more entertaining too than any of the Original Series episodes.


– manzoor