Apple’s New OSs

Apple recently released their OSs for all their devices. And it seems to me that the newer iOS / MacOS are not playing nice with the previous / older versions of the OSs. Or it could even be that it is the way the newer OSs are allowing the usage of / access to iCloud. … More Apple’s New OSs


Becoming a pilot was one of the first things I recall wanting to “be when I grow up”. In some ways it still continues to be the one that that I romanticize. – manzooor

Loosing Weight

The goal is to get healthier, physically active. Weight Lifting to loose Weight Weight Lifting for Weight Loss Beginner’s Guide to Weight Loss With Strength Training   Eating Better – manzoor

Half the Story

I have always been bothered by the employment number. Or more precisely – the unemployment number. I have always known that the unemployment, or employment, number is not related to the total population. Which made things more bothersome. While the total population is not mentioned along with the employment / unemployment number (which makes sense), … More Half the Story


At certain point in our life we decide, or come to decide, that we want to extend our family. – manzoor