Forever a Temp

Disclaimer – I have believed for a while now that we are witnessing a time when we are about to redefine “workers”. If not for all workers, at least a vast majority of them. That the radio show “Forever a Temp” was an interesting eye opener is an understatement. The first comment that caught my … More Forever a Temp

Anthony Bourdain

1956 – June 8th, 2018 I knew him as well as one can know someone that they have never met. I have watched many, many of his TV shows and his interviews and him being interviewed. I don’t have any illusions that he shared his deepest thoughts, but at the same time he probably opened … More Anthony Bourdain

Trend in Context

While I’m not a huge fan of “trends”, I have never really had anything against it. I have recently realized what exactly about it that I don’t care for – it usually lacks any and all context. At least the context is not readily available or made. – manzoor


An¬†entrepreneur I am not really – at least not yet. But I have admired those who are and have often imagined myself to be one. Of course since all my work experience has been around Software Engineering / Technology, I have always thought the¬†entrepreneurship might happen in the form of some form of provider of … More Entrepreneur

Participation Rate

I have often wondered what the unemployment number meant in the larger context. That we have an unemployment rate of x.y% is only relevant in that it is stating that of 100 people looking for employment, x.y are unable to find a job. But how many people are looking for work? Those who are NOT … More Participation Rate

YouTubeTV vs HULU

As part of the whole “cutting the chord” philosophy, I am always intrigued by the idea of a new way of getting services I am used to getting in the old traditional method. Though I have subscriptions for Netflix, HULU and HBO, I still continue to have – manzoor