The Perfect Present

“If you love someone, set them free.” I was running some errands over the weekend as usual and was listening to the radio. This American Life was on and I heard Radcliffe reading. Short Stories has always been one of my favorite types of fictional writing and this was really good. So good that I … More The Perfect Present


That may not be a word, but I swear I heard it on the radio, on NPR over the weekend. It was during the TED Radio Hour show (I’m pretty positive) on “Slowing Down”. – manzoor

5 Decades

60’s – 70’s – lived in Shanghai, the Phillipenes, London and then finally Dhaka. 70’s – 80’s – 80’s – 90’s – finished high school, left home. 90’s – 00’s – college, career, got married and 00’s – 10’s – me


Woke up around 6ish. Tossed and turned around and eventually got up closer to 7. Instead of spilling food on my shirt, I spilled a bit of toothpaste. Can’t claim that I’ve never done this before, but it is not as common as me spilling food on me, FWIW. Went out for a drive at … More 2018