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2021 . . . . . 2022

We all seem to have a pretty strong feeling for the year that we are about to leave behind. And for the most part it seems to be fairly negative.

But not everything was bad. I am sure if we are honest, there has been positive events that has happened to us during 2021. Yes, no doubt, collectively we have been going thru some really trying times for the last couple of years. And every time it feels like we are about to turn a new chapter, somehow we end up back where we were.

If we try to look at the various good / positive events of this year, I am confident we can all find a few things.

– manzoor

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    Welcome 2021

    I was going to write this on the 1st but kinda intentionally put it off till today. We are about a week into the new year, the Georgia run-off election is now behind us (though the final results are not yet in) and later this morning the house will count the Electoral College votes.

    – manzoor


    Woke up around 6ish. Tossed and turned around and eventually got up closer to 7. Instead of spilling food on my shirt, I spilled a bit of toothpaste. Can’t claim that I’ve never done this before, but it is not as common as me spilling food on me, FWIW.

    Went out for a drive at 22oF and drove around for about 53mi over an hour and 27 minutes. I did have to wait in the driveway allowing for me car to heat up a bit.

    – manzoor

    P.S. Still cannot figure out why my most recent Music / CD import is not showing up on my phone. It is showing up everywhere else.

    Welcome 2015, Bye 2014

    Another year behind. A brand new year ahead. So much that was wonderful. So much looking forward to.

    Moveis I’ve watched:

    • her
    • Faults in Our Stars
    • Giver
    • Gentlemen’s Agreement (Netflix)
    • Taste of Others (Netflix)
    • Secret Life Walter Mitty (HBO)
    • Tristan + Isolde (HBO)
    • Interstellar
    • Theory of Everything
    • Hobbit
    • The Kid with a Bike
    • The One I Love (Netflix)
    • Frequencies (Netflix)
    • Imitation Game
    • In Your Eyes (Netflix)
    • Nasty Girl (Netflix)

    – manzoor