Battery Replament

Recently (day before yesterday) my home security system started beeping and had the “Trouble” state turned on. A quick google and a call to the number on the Alarm Monitor panel led to the possible conclusion that “battery” that is the backup in case of a power failure is probably in need of replacement. Since … More Battery Replament

Raising Children

As a parent I find myself struggling with the idea of raising my children. OK, “struggling” might be a bit to hard – I find myself asking “am I doing it right?” Of course, I don’t even know what right is. I do try to talk to other’s but often end up arguing with people … More Raising Children

Apple AirPods

Yes, they are now supposedly released and available. But if you go to their website the earliest you can get them shipped is late February. And it seems to be slipping slowly as time goes by. I have tried going to the store before they open – 7 days in about a 12 day period … More Apple AirPods

Norwegian Wood

Our relationships are interesting. They are continually evolving. They have to – as we ourselves are continuously evolving. Every day, every moment we experience life and those experiences, ever so slightly and slowly, enriches our perspectives. Apr 4th, ’28 – Finished it finally. Now that I have finished this I really want to find out … More Norwegian Wood