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Battery Replament

Recently (day before yesterday) my home security system started beeping and had the “Trouble” state turned on. A quick google and a call to the number on the Alarm Monitor panel led to the possible conclusion that “battery” that is the backup in case of a power failure is probably in need of replacement.

Since it has been a while (the house was built in late ’97), the conclusion seemed very plausible and even a desired one (as opposed to whatever else it could have been).

The challenge now was:

  1. Where is the said “battery”
  2. Where do you find a replacement of the “battery”
    1. The only batteries I am familiar with are the AA, AAA, D, 9v. Watches and other special devices have custom batteries but I have not really had a need to do anything with them because I simply take those devices to someone to have it replaced. This time I was somewhat of “in a jam” 😦
  3. How to replace the “battery”

Well . . . . it turns out the customer service person (with whom I don’t even have a service with) was very helpful and was able to give me enough clues as to where it “might” be. And it was. All I needed was a screw driver to open the panel and voila.

On the battery itself I was able to find the details of the battery and was quickly able to google where to possibly find a replacement. Most were on-line offers but I remembered “Batteries Plus” (funny that google did not show me that solution). I called them up yesterday and was able to confirm that they indeed had them in stock and was able to pick one up during “lunch”.

In my googling I already knew that the batter comes in 2 size terminals. Unfortunately I did not spend the extra time / effort to confirm exactly what size I would be needing. When I mentioned the terminal size he shrugged off and said that I could simply expand the pin that connects to use on the one he was selling me. Needless to say – he was wrong.

I found out about the wrong terminal size the hard way – by opening the panel and attempting to replace the battery. The good news here was that I knew there was another “Batteries Plus” close by and that they all were open till 8pm.

A quick run the store – again. Got the right battery with the right terminal size.

– manzoor


Raising Children

As a parent I find myself struggling with the idea of raising my children. OK, “struggling” might be a bit to hard – I find myself asking “am I doing it right?” Of course, I don’t even know what right is. I do try to talk to other’s but often end up arguing with people who are so sure of their methods that I find it difficult to actually have a conversation. the best conversation I have are with people who are open to other thoughts / ideas / possibilities. This is not just limited to conversation about raising children but conversations about almost any topic.

Anyway, a friend of mine once mentioned a couple of things that really stuck with me and I wanted to be sure to capture them before I forget. His first comment was:

Raising your children has 3 stages.

  1. Age 1-4 foundation
  2. Age 5-12 discipline instilling
  3. Age 12-18 consulting

He also mentioned that he had 3 goals in raising his children.

  1. That they (his kids) have their own authentic friendship with God
  2. That they treat others with respect and compassion
  3. That they really enjoy their own existence.

– manzoor

Five Truly Essential Questions

You should regularly ask yourself and others, according to Dean James Ryan.

  1. Wait, what?
    1. is at the “root” of all understanding
  2. I wonder . . . .
    1. Is at the “heart” or all curiosity
  3. Couldn’t we at least?
    1. Is at the beginning of all progress
  4. How can I help?
    1. Is at the “base” of all good relationship
  5. What truly matter?
    1. Is at the “heart” of life

Late Fragment by Raymond Carver

And did you get what
you wanted from this life, even so?
I did.
And what did you want?
To call myself beloved, to feel myself
beloved on the earth.
– manzoor

Apple AirPods

Yes, they are now supposedly released and available. But if you go to their website the earliest you can get them shipped is late February. And it seems to be slipping slowly as time goes by. I have tried going to the store before they open – 7 days in about a 12 day period and have not been able to get one.

But people are getting them. I ran into someone at the Whole Foods Market the other day who had one on. I did chat with him for a few minutes and he seemed really pleased. though the one feature that is really driving me to it seems to not be as important to him – moving from Watch / iPhone to other Apple devices. He seemed quite satisfied moving from his Watch to iPhone back-and-forth.

– manzoor

Norwegian Wood

Our relationships are interesting. They are continually evolving. They have to – as we ourselves are continuously evolving. Every day, every moment we experience life and those experiences, ever so slightly and slowly, enriches our perspectives.

Apr 4th, ’28 – Finished it finally. Now that I have finished this I really want to find out which of his work is considered his best work. I have heard so many people say that this is not his best work that I am really curious to find out what people think is his best work.

Having just finished this I find it hard to believe that he has written something else that I will find better. Which is a reflection more on me and how I have related to this at this time in my life than anything else.

Mar 31st, ’18 – It’s taking me quite a long time to finish this but that is not because I am not enjoying it. If anything I am enjoying it a bit too much. But every little section I read, I get to a point that is a bit too interesting and I have to put it down to think about the section. But am hoping to finish it soon.

– manzoor