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My Very First Night on My Own

Till I came over to the US back in 1989 to go to school, I had never lived on my own. Even when I travelled I would stay at a hotel or with friends (usually my dad’s friends).

Anyway, the very first evening I spent on my own at the dorm was a experience I was not prepared for. The funny thing is, we knew that I was not going to have all the things I would need once I reached my destination, so we tried to think of all the things I could possibly need right away and prepared accordingly.

My dad’s friend who had received me at the airport and with who’s family I had spent the very first 2 nights drove me to my school and got me checked into my dorm and got me all settled in and asked me if there was anything I needed – I told him that I was all good.

We walked downstairs and said our farewells. He of course gave me his contact info (we didn’t have cell / mobile phones back then) and told me to reach out to him if I needed anything. He also pointed me to the RA and the University as possible resource.

I felt a little sad but also good. I had it under control.

He left and I went back to my room. I was the only one in my room. Yayyyy. I didn’t have to share the room with anyone. The room next / across from mine was empty. The students who were going to be living there had not come in yet even though the next day was the first day of class.

It was finally time to go to bed, not because I was sleepy or tired but because I had run out of things to keep me occupied / busy. So, I opened my suitcases and looked for the bed sheet to make my bed. The dorm was furnished but didn’t have any sheets. Good for me – I brought some from home. See, we were prepared.

I don’t recall if I had a blanket, believe I did but very possible that I didn’t. But I did notice / realize that I had not thought of one thing – pillow(s). I did bring the pillow cases – matching pillow cases with my bed sheet. but no pillow. Come to think of it, not carrying a pillow, or 2, does make sense. But I don’t think this was planned. Somehow it didn’t dawn on anyone that I would need a pillow or that I was not packing / carrying one with me and that I would need to make arrangements to get one once I got to my dorm.

What happened next is usually the point of my story. At least that is the point I like to make when I retell this story to my daughters’ friend’s. I took my cloths and shoved them in a couple of the pillow cases and made the into pillows.

It all worked out.

– manzoor



I was driving with a friend of mine recently. I was driving as I usually do because most of my friends don’t like to drive, and I do. When I say I like to drive, that is an understatement – I love to drive. But that is for another day.

I do drive a little aggressive, I suppose. And my friend kept reminding me that I didn’t have to be driving so fast or so close to the car / vehicle in front of us. He said how he didn’t really care if he was a little late. He just preferred not to be thinking.

I suppose I can understand his point – he doesn’t enjoy the act of driving. He only drives because he has to get from one place to some other place.

What was interesting, contradicting, was what followed almost immediately. I had to open the Maps app on my phone so that we could get on the interstate. I opened the default app that is on my phone and he commented how he preferred to use Waze. His reasoning? It, waze, saves him minutes on each of his drive.

Hmmmmm . . . . and here I thought he didn’t care about saving time on his drives.

– manzoor