Monthly Archives: September 2012

Sunflower (I girasoli)

I was too young to be going to school when my mother would take me to go watch Sunflower in the theater. We were in Manilla back then. I definitely do not have any recollection of having watched it back then. But the story of me and my mom watching it, and watching it over and over has been a reason I have always been fascinated by the movie.

Later when I finally did watch it and was able to recall watching it, I forgot if the movie was really as good as I thought it was.

– manzoor


Sacrifice a Few to Save the Many

Here’s the scenario:

A relatively large number of human being is in the path of some tragedy, say a fast moving vehicle headed their way. Given the ability people will choose to divert the vehicle away from the large group of people, even if it means having to lead it to kill a 

I don’t think so. This only looks into what people say they will do, it does not actually study what people will do in real life.

– manzoor