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Phở Hoang

  • Location – North – Burnet & Rundberg
  • Cuisine – Vietnamese
  • Cost / Price – $
  • Rate – 9
My favorite Pho Restaurant in Austin. I’ve tried both of their locations (on Burnet and around Round Rock). Though the RR locations seemed to have a few extra choices in menu that the original did not, I still prefer the location on Burnet & Rutland.
– manzoor

Spring Rolls Bun


PhoNatic Vietnamese Cuisine

I really miss not being close to PhoNatic. It was one of my favorite lunch spots. I worked within walking distance from it, it was relatively inexpensive (it could get fairly expensive if you were not careful), service was both quick / prompt and courteous.

Unfortunately I no longer work in that area and have not visited PhoNatic in over a couple of years.

Bánh Bao Thịt Nướng

– manzoor

Other places near by:

Michi Ramen

Apr 26th, ’13 – My very first (and so far, ONLY) visit. Went for lunch from work. It was really good. I chose the “Veggie” with Spicy (), Mayu () and Kamaboko (Steamed Fish) Add-Ons and Tatsuta Age (marinated boneless fried Chicken) as side.

– manzoor


My first, and so far only, In-N-Out experience was during a work related trip to the West Coast way back in 2008.

Double Doubles Hand Cut Fries

But lately the word has been that is going to be not just 1 but 2 locations close to where I live!!!! The first location is close to the Round Rock Outlet Mall, the 2nd around I-35 and Airport Blvd.

There is also some talk about a 3rd location in the North Loop area and a 4th in Cedar Park.

– manzoor


Beef Shank


  • 1 Beef Shank (I bought mine from MT)
  • 4 star anise
  • 3 small piece of clove (use very little of this, the flavor is strong, it gives a tangy taste)
  • 3/4 cup of soy sauce
  • 1/4 cup Chinese cooking wine (clear rice wine or the brown color wine, use half can of beer if you can’t find any)
  • 1 green onion or half of onion chopped


  • Pinch of dry whole red chili
  • Pinch of Szchuan pepper (The kind that numbs your mouth)
  • Honey or sugar if you like sweeter taste

Cooking instruction:
Boil a pot of water, dip the beef shank in, make sure water can cover the entire shank.
Wait until it boil again, turn off stove and rinse off blood chunk from shank with cold water.

Electronic pressure cook instruction: (I don’t have the stove top one, I consider that’s too dangerous :p)
Put shank and all ingredients in the pot, add a cup of water of so, let the liquid barely cover the meat (not entirely covered is ok, easy on water since pressure cook keeps all moisture in)
Cook for 35 min, wait until cool and pressure has released. Open the cooker, flip meet over and cook for another 35 min.
Then let it soak over night. Cut into thin slices when it’s cool.

Stove top instruction:
Put shank and all ingredients in the pot, add a cup of water of so, let the liquid barely cover meat, bring to boil, then cover the lid and
reduce heat to simmer. Let it cook for at least 2 hours until the meat is tender, flip the meet in between. Then let it soak over night. Cut into thin slices when it’s cool.

Additional dipping sauce:
Combine some soy sauce, red vinegar, chili, sesame oil, minced green onion and cilantro.

ps. I use the ingredients very loosely, I pretty much add anything that I like or I can find in my spice cabinet. (Sometime I’ll add a bay leaf or a piece of orange peel, once you have the soy sauce it can’t go too wrong…)