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Restaurants Closing

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Austin Coffeehouses

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Moving -> http://austinrest.intrnauts.net/2015/09/09/austin-coffeehouses/

Burgers in Austin

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My Wishlist – Restaurants

A lot of these are from Triple D and other Food Network Shows and I have a separate list of them, but a few are that I have picked from friends and other sources.

Here’s a list of places I learned about from my friends.

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Triple D Wishlist

Triple D / Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives

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Phở Hoang

  • Location – North – Burnet & Rundberg
  • Cuisine – Vietnamese
  • Cost / Price – $
  • Rate – 9
My favorite Pho Restaurant in Austin. I’ve tried both of their locations (on Burnet and around Round Rock). Though the RR locations seemed to have a few extra choices in menu that the original did not, I still prefer the location on Burnet & Rutland.
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Spring Rolls Bun