Monthly Archives: October 2012

iPad Mini

Definitely glad & excited that the iPad Mini is finally officially announced. Unfortunately, starting at $329 it is priced about $80 more than I was hoping / expecting. When other’s (i.e., Amazon, Google) have similar products priced at about $200, I was really hoping Apple would not price the Mini at more than $250.

But since the regular iPad is still starting at $500, I guess this is a good compromise. Actually this is a good – because now I have more reason to look into the Nexus 7.

– manzoor


The Trap

Jan 1, ’14 – Just found the Full Movie on YouTube and am watching it on my TV via my Apple TV.

Oct 21, ’12 – The first time I watched “The Trap”, I was still in middle school (7th ~ 8th grade) and it was one of the best movie experiences. That memory has been with me. I have tried quite hard to watch it again, but without any success. Till a few years ago when I finally found it on Amazon (I think) – but on their UK site and the copy was not NTSC 😦

I still ordered it and got it shipped to my brother-in-laws place in London and later had him ship to to me. Needless to say it was not watchable – but I still did try to watch. Though I didn’t get to actually watch it – I did come to the conclusion that being able to watch it would most likely take away the beautiful memory of watching it the first time around that I still treasure.

If I am ever able to find a decent copy that I could watch I’ll most likely get it, but not watch it.

– manzoor