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Coffee Places

I do like coffee. Interestingly, I used to not drink coffee, or tea, when I was growing up. I started when I was working at Tivoli. I noticed many of my co-workers gathering in the kitchen area for coffee and just chatting. I really got intrigued and just got into it.

But as much as I wanted to get into it, it being coffee, it just didn’t taste right. Many told me that it was an acquired taste. Which I found baffling – why would I want to try anything that requires me to “acquire a taste” for. There are so many yummy things that I never had to “acquire” the taste for. They were just delicious.

Anyway, I gave in – and put all the cream and sugar that the beverage would take to make it drinkable.

Over the years my taste for coffee has changed. I now take my coffee black and without sugar / sweetener. For a while I was really into Latte and Mocha Latte, both of which I find very good, but don’t care for either too often. If I am looking for a specialty coffee, I look for a cordato.

– manzoor

Austin Coffeehouses



My friend said they had good pancakes but they only have them on Sundays. Will definitely have to try their other items another time. In addition to the Pancakes we also had the Eggs Benedict, Granola & Yogurt, Coffee and also an order of Beignets. Everything was really good though a bit on the more expensive side – our breakfast for 4 with a latte and a regular coffee came to about $55.

Not sure why but I was expecting there to be a little wait but we got our table immediately. Service was quite prompt and very courteous.

Though a bit out-of-the-way for me, I am definitely going to try to try this place a few more times sooner rather than wait.

– manzoor

"mad dog" pancakes Eggs Benedict granola & yogurt Beignets

hopdoddy burger bar

  • South (Original)
    • 1400 S Congress Ave STE 190A,
    • Austin, TX 78705
    • (512) 243-7505
    • Hours – Open at 11am, Close at 10pm (Friday & Saturday at 11pm)
  • North / Central
    • 2438 W Anderson Ln
    • Austin, TX
    • (512) 467-2337

I have ONLY been to the Anderson Lane location.

  • Mar 30th. ’15 – Terlingua
  • Oct 28th, ’14 – El Diablo
  • Apr 24th, ’12 – The Goodnight (with a Fried Egg)
Fries The Goodnight El Diablo Terlingua
 – manzoor