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Causation and Correlation

Simply put “causation” implies something caused by caused by another and “correlation” implies two, or more things, that are related. But other than just the difference in the definition of the 2

– manzoor

Correlation vs Causation | Differences & Designs by Pritha Bhandari

Coffee Places

I do like coffee. Interestingly, I used to not drink coffee, or tea, when I was growing up. I started when I was working at Tivoli. I noticed many of my co-workers gathering in the kitchen area for coffee and just chatting. I really got intrigued and just got into it.

But as much as I wanted to get into it, it being coffee, it just didn’t taste right. Many told me that it was an acquired taste. Which I found baffling – why would I want to try anything that requires me to “acquire a taste” for. There are so many yummy things that I never had to “acquire” the taste for. They were just delicious.

Anyway, I gave in – and put all the cream and sugar that the beverage would take to make it drinkable.

Over the years my taste for coffee has changed. I now take my coffee black and without sugar / sweetener. For a while I was really into Latte and Mocha Latte, both of which I find very good, but don’t care for either too often. If I am looking for a specialty coffee, I look for a cordato.

– manzoor

Austin Coffeehouses


I have always felt birthdays to be a special thing. For as long as I can remember, my birthday was a special day that my family and friends had celebrated in some form / fashion. When I was really, really young there would be parties – even with some decoration and what not. But that didn’t last long. What did last is the wishes. No matter where I have been, I was always reminded that my loved ones were always there.

I have also never really associated “birthday” with “age”. Not to mention that I don’t really associate “age” with the number of years one has been living. One’s “birthday” to me is more of a yearly marker. An opportunity for the friends and family, i.e., loved ones, to remind that [s]he is special and our lives are brighter because of them in our lives.

– manzoor