Back to School

We no longer have to actually go “Back to School” to go “Back to School”. I have known this for a while now. I have even had created accounts on various learning platforms for more than a couple of years already. But have just not been able to get myself motivated enough to complete any … More Back to School

2020 US Election

Last time I wrote about the US Election, it was about the 2016 US Presidential Election and it was focused more on the presidential election process. And it looks like I stopped writing / updating it on Oct 23rd. Wonder why I didn’t continue thru the end . . . . Anyway, this time around … More 2020 US Election

Cloud Storage – Amazon S3 vs Google Cloud Storage

I find myself at an interesting crossroad – for the first time I am considering Web Services from someone other than Amazon AWS. To be fair, I do find myself at this position because for the first time I am the one making these technological choices as opposed to being handed choices that were already … More Cloud Storage – Amazon S3 vs Google Cloud Storage

De surprise

After both sign an agreement with a company that offers to end their lives when they least expect it, a dejected millionaire and a disheartened young woman fall in love and have to find a way to get out of their binding contracts. With a tag line like above, how was I supposed to start … More De surprise