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Social Media and . . . .

I have been connected for quite some time now. Of course, when I first became a participant of USENET.

My friends & family being on Facebook was probably their exposure to “Social Media”.

Beyond just my immediate friends and family and acquaintances Social Media is definitely having a deeper impact today than 5, or even 2, years ago.

– manzoor


CarTalk Coming to an End

Without really realizing I have been listening less and less CarTalk for some time now. Maybe my driving habits have changed or maybe my girls have more or less taken over my radio controls, in any case I definitely don’t listen to CarTalk nearly as much as I used to.

As little as I did listen, it was comforting to know that it was there. But it all came to an end the other day when I heard that this Saturday is their last show to be broadcast on NPR / KUT.

– manzoor

Official Site

I don’t understand

Adding salt / seasoning before tasting your food – though this

Drinking soda with breakfast – though more recently I have been trying to slow down my consumption of soda / cola, I have always been a big fan of it. I continue to be one today. But I drink a lot less of it these days than I used to. But even before this slow down, I can’t recall a time when I actually drank it along with my breakfast.

Teens are taking longer to grow up??

Why today’s teens are taking longer to grow up by Jean Twenge, the Conversation

Interesting article. One I, and at least a few of my friends / acquaintances / peers, can relate to.

The one thing about the article I found a bit unnecessary (not knowing how else to describe my feelings) was it’s attempt to judge if this change is good or bad.

– manzoor

– manzoor

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Waiting in line at Walgreens

Sunday evening around 9:30 I am waiting to line at the Walgreens pharmacy and for some reason there is simply a log of people waiting in front of me. Just ahead of me is this man with his 2 daughters.

The younger of the 2 girls, who I thought was about 6 but turns out was actually 7, was doing cart wheels. She simply could not stop herself. The older sister, who I thought was 8 or 9 was actually 10, was being quite reserved. Not only in comparison to her younger sibling but just in general. And the reason was fairly visible – she seemed to have done something to her hand / finger to require a metal brace.

– manzoor