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2020 US Election

Last time I wrote about the US Election, it was about the 2016 US Presidential Election and it was focused more on the presidential election process. And it looks like I stopped writing / updating it on Oct 23rd. Wonder why I didn’t continue thru the end . . . .

Anyway, this time around I am writing, or at least I am starting to write, on the over all Election. I feel we have come to a point where we as individuals have to take some ownership in this whole political system. We have become so used to saying “it’s a broken system” without looking at what I can do about making this less broken.

– manzoor


Politics and Relationship

4 out of 10 people say they don’t have a single close friend who’s political views were different than their own

That is what I think I heard on the radio this morning. Which cannot be a good thing, I thought to myself. And then I reminded myself that I am one of the 6. I have a friend who’s political views are polar opposite of mine and I can honestly say that I consider him one of my very close friend.

But that brought up some other interesting thoughts.

– manzoor

Social Media and . . . .

I have been connected for quite some time now. Of course, when I first became a participant of USENET.

My friends & family being on Facebook was probably their exposure to “Social Media”.

Beyond just my immediate friends and family and acquaintances Social Media is definitely having a deeper impact today than 5, or even 2, years ago.

– manzoor


Brexit simply is a formal termination of a relationship. In the past, the various nations were independent, then they thought that they would benefit by forming some alliance. Over time there were 28 in this relationship (the UK being the only “special” case all along) and now the UK, or the people of the UK, have decided to end that relationship.

Of course this is an over simplification (intentionally), but really it’s not really so much more complicated. The complications are really in the “detail”. But that is not really what is bothering me (I am writing because I am bothered, duh). What is bothering me is this question I keep hearing on the media – will the EU be nice to the UK or will they be really nasty? What kind of a question is that? Why in the word would the EU be either? The British people decided to NOT be in the EU any more. The EU knew that someday, some one may choose to do something like this. Which is why they have Article 50 in their constitution. But they knew that they did not know what the conditions would be under which the article would be invoked by a member, so they didn’t have a whole lot of detail in it. Seems like a smart thing. Now that they article is about to be invoked, the remaining EU members will be trying to make the best of it. As will the UK.

The 27 remaining nations in the EU have to weigh how they can benefit most of their Union without the UK being there. For the EU this was not a path that they chose, at least directly. It is the the UK that made the choice and the EU is merely reacting. The remaining nations will have show that staying continues to be better for all of them. Not all 27 will benefit in the same way, they are not equals, they don’t bring to the Union the same things. Some bring in cheaper labor, some bring in a large market for that labor.

It really is up to the UK to implement the exit in a way that reflects their expectations. A lot of doubt has been raised about this choice and how it was presented to the people. It seems, those who encouraged the exit will not be the ones executing the actual Exit. That seems like an issue to me.

– manzoor


  • What was the UK gaining by being in the EU?
  • The immigration issue – how has being in the EU really affected
    • Immigration was a reality before the UK joined the EU and it will remain so even after the exit
  • Scotland, and even Northern Ireland, remains with the UK?