9/11 – 15 Years Later

The world today is a very different place than it used to be. Not to say that the world would not have changed with the terrible event of that day but that day has probably had one of the most profound impact on the future in the recent future. – manzoor


Brexit simply is a formal termination of a relationship. In the past, the various nations were independent, then they thought that they would benefit by forming some alliance. Over time there were 28 in this relationship (the UK being the only “special” case all along) and now the UK, or the people of the UK, have … More Brexit

Super Tuesday

Mar 1st, ’16 Alabama (GOP, Dem) Alaska (Caucus) (GOP) American Samoa (Caucus) (Dem) Arkansan (GOP, Dem) Colorado (Caucus) (Dem) Georgia (GOP, Dem) Massachusetts (GOP, Dem) Minnesota (Caucus) (GOP, Dem) North Dakota (Caucus) (GOP) Oklahoma (GOP, Dem) Tennesse Texas Vermont Virginia – manzoor Super Tuesday #4 – April 26th Super Tuesday #3 – March 15th Super … More Super Tuesday