Secret vs Private

While they seem to be very similar, they really aren’t. “Private” tends to be more things / beliefs / thoughts that we keep to ourselves without any other motives than for wanting to not share them. “Secret” on the other hand have a stronger (negative or otherwise) connotation. Personal Space Keeping something private might have … More Secret vs Private

Arranged Marriage

I suppose all marriages are “arranged” in some fashion, but I am thinking of arranged marriages that happen in the culture I come from – Bangladeshi. As I write this sentence, I realize this actually makes no sense what so ever- because there really is no one specific definition of this kind of marriages I … More Arranged Marriage


I am fairly certain the term “dating” means different things to people of different culture and also of “time”. – manzoor


Friendship is a relationship between 2, or more, individuals that is more than just that of being acquaintance. The “more” is of course relative and unique. While we all experience many friendships over our lifetime, we most often fail to realize, recognize or appreciate these friendships or the friends. I consider myself to be very, … More Friendship

Men and Friendship

Heard the radio program as I was heading to work after dropping my daughter. Off the bat I had a few questions: Is this phenomenon unique to America / Western World Is this a new development. I.e, was this not a issue 10 / 50 / 100 years ago? Is the assumption that the friendship … More Men and Friendship


It was a weird day. I heard of 2 of my friends ending their relationship. Earlier in the morning a friend from work mentioned that the relationship she had with for the last 5 years had ended. And later in the evneing I ran into one of my daughters’ friend’s parent who is going thru … More Breakup


Death has been on mind lately a little too much. More so than usual. April 9th, ’18 – Not sure why it was on my mind when I first those words above, but today I am writing specifically because of a recent death, but more generally because . . . . . All life will … More Death