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Crash Landing on You

It popped up on my recommended list and I started playing it without much thought.

  • Episode 1 – Se-Ri Crash Lands on Jeong Hyeok
  • Episode 2 – Jeong Hyeok hides Se-Ri. Se-Ri learns to live a new life. Jeong Hyeok introduces Se-Ri as his fiancé.
  • Episode 3 – Dan returns from Russia. Operation Boat-to-boat.
  • Episode 4 – Se-Ri attempts to paraglide herself back. Clam Bulgogi with Soju. Jeong Hyeok makes hand dripped Coffee and Se-Ri returns hand heart. Se-Ri is left alone at the market. Jeon Hyeok looks for Se-Ri with scented candle.
  • Episode 5 – Trouble waits for Jeong Hyeok and Se-Ri as they return from the market. The girls of the village come over for DP and Beer with Se-Ri.
  • Episode 6 – Jeong Hyeok, with his fathers help, arranges for Se-Ri to leave with the athletic team. They go for a picnic as a farewell. Se-Ri sings “When the Cold Wind Blows”. Kwang-beom and Jeong Hyeok are shot trying to protect Se-Ri.
  • Episode 7 – Se-Ri drives Kwang-beom and Jeong Hyeok to the hospital instead of heading to the Airport.
  • Episode 8 – Se-Ri is kidnapped.
  • Episode 9 – Se-Ri is sure her abductor is Dan’s father. Se-Ri goes back, finally.
  • Episode 10 – Se-Ri announces she’s back.
  • Episode 11 –
  • Episode 12 – They celebrate Se-Ri’s birthday.
  • Episode 13 –
  • Episode 14 –
  • Episode 15 –
  • Episode 16 –
  • Quotes:

    1. Fortunes and misfortune are like twisted rope, so they come by turns. Everything will be fine soon. – Jeong Hyeok to Se-Ri – Episode 3
    2. Sometimes the wrong train takes you to the right station. – Se-Ri to Jeong Hyeok – Episode 5
    3. I don’t like dreams like this. When I wake up, I’ll be so sad. Even if you look at me like that, it doesn’t make me happy at all. – Se-Ri – Episode 11
    4. Three type of ppl you should never forget. Ppl who help you when you are stuck. Ppl who leave you alone when you are stuck. Ppl who cornered you into that situation. – Se-Ri – Episode 11
    5. No one plans. tocry. Tears come unexpectedly. – Se-Ri – Episode 13


    When the cold wind blows

    Just know that I have left

    The fleeting breeze

    Carries away only my yearning for you.

    When the leaves fall

    Just know that I have left

    the falling leaves

    Will only carry our memories together

    When the cold wind blows

    You will be lonely

    Even so, do not

    Think about me any more

    One time

    Your warm gaze

    Brought butterflies

    To my young heart

    What is Love
    Hoping that you are worrying about me as I am for you, and wishing you are pining for me as I do for you.
    Is this Love?
    Is it that you are not worrying about me, that you will forget about me and the moments we have shared.
    Is this Love?
    Or if neither, is it
    That I am willing to go thru everything from the very beginning just so that I can meet you again?

    – manzoor