Monthly Archives: March 2009

Dealing with Anger

There was a news segment on the “Morning Edition” earlier this morning that made me think – how should we behave when we get angry?

First off – it is probably safe to assume that NOT everyone feels the same emotion the same way. Which would, logically follow, that not everyone should react the same way for the similar emotions they experience.
But beyond that, the segment was making the point that the idea of “acting out” your anger is probably not the most helpful (and maybe “venting” might do more harm than good).
– manzoor


This morning as I was picking my coffee on my way to work, I saw the latest issue of Wired Magazine and this article on “Netbooks” caught my attention (enough so that I actually bought the copy).

As I was reading the article, I remembered how excited I was when I first heard of the MacBook Air (and how I got turned off at the price – talk about sticker shock).

– manzoor