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The Meyerowitz Stories (New and Selected)

Oct 14th, ’17 – Watched it on Netflix on my Apple TV really early in the morning.

– manzoor

Views and Brews

Oct 10th, ’17 – Finally went to the show for the very first time. Been meaning to for a while. But I guess everything kinda all fell in place for the first time. And now that it has, I am really looking forward to going to more of them.

Not only was it wonderful to see all three of them on the stage up close and all the audiences, but it was also at the Cactus Cafe in the Texas Union on the campus of the University of Texas.

– manzoor


Blade Runner 2049

Sep 7th, ’17 Saturday – Watched the 10:50pm show at the Bullock Museum IMAX Theatre. But very unlike me I actually got there a few minutes after the movie had already started 😦 <rant>Mostly because of traffic that I had NOT planned for. It was game night AND ACL</rant>. But also because I had waited a few minutes past the very last minute to leave and forgot my head phones that I had to go back to get.

Anyway, other than getting there late and missing the previews and missing the beginning of the movie (including the credits) it was really good. I am so glad that I had decided to watch it at this theater too. The sound system really made a difference to the experience.

– manzoor



Blade Runner