Monthly Archives: January 2010

Apple iPad

With a 9.7″ display, weighing at 1.5lb and 10hour [claimed] battery life, it’s basically a large(r) iTouch. WiFi, 80211n, and BlueTooth is built in. For an extra $130 it comes with 3G (from AT&T). It plays rich digital content and is able to browse the web (most toasters are able to browse the web these days).
BTW, it also allows you to read Newspapers, Magazines and Books (that you have to get from iTunes).

– manzoor


Cloud Storage from Google

Cloud storage is now coming from google with 1Gb of Free capacity (250Mb for a single file) with extra storage available at $0.25/Gb/yr.
The initial overhead of uploading all my files will definitely be an issue (not to mention “trusting” someone else to protect my “stuff”). Also, working with applications that are not browser / web based (i.e., image or video processing) would NOT be ideal.
But to be able to have a temp backup storage of say 50Gb~100Gb could come in handy.

– manzoor

Gumbo’s (Westlake)

  • Location – West
  • Cuisine – Cajun / Lousian
Crawfish Etouffee Stuffed Rainbow Trout Chilean Bass Louisiana Bread Pudding

We went to Gumbo’s of Westlake for New Years Eve dinner – unfortunately, but not surprisingly, they were all booked for the evening :o( They did however have a few tables in the bar and were serving the full menu there.

We started with a bowl of Crawfish Etouffee. Then for dinner my wife chose the stuffed Rainbow Trout and I had the Chilean Bass. The girls shared some pasta and fried shrimp from the kids menu.

Both dishes were very good and surprisingly, we both liked our own dishes better.

Finally we had some bread pudding w/vanilla ice cream (most awesome).

– manzoor