Monthly Archives: October 2014

iPhone 6

Even though I had pre-ordered, I had to return the Plus and re-order the regular 6 and wait for it to arrive in the mail. The plus was just too big 😦 I was really, really hoping that the Plus would be the right size and then I would not need1 to get a Tablet / iPad. Now I am kinda stuck a larger Phone (larger than the 4″) but this doesn’t really replace the need1 for a tablet.

Also, this might be the first time I actually got a phone before I had to get it 😦 Feeling a bit guilty about that. Much as I love gadgets, I do take pride in making the most of my purchases / investments in them.

– manzoor

  1. I realize “need” is a subjective. To me, ideally, the tablet totally replace the need for a laptop. Since currently there is no iPad that can really replace my need for carrying my laptop, my next level of definition of need is to be able to