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iPhone vs Samsung

A friend of mine recently was showing off some pix he took while on vacation with his Samsung Galaxy Note9. I must say, they looked stunning. Unrivaled.

I must confess that I have not tried many different test shots to compare. I only looked at the few shots he happened to have had taken.

I should add some disclaimers right away so that I am not misunderstood:

  1. I don’t use my iPhone as my primary Photography Device
  2. I take a lot of pix with my iPhone
  3. My reason for choosing to stick to the iPhone, and over all App eco-system, goes far beyond a single feature
  4. I am absolutely un-offended by your decision to select a device that is not from the Apple family
    1. While I like being able to leverage the vary many services of the Apple eco-system, I do look forward to the opportunity to be able to use those feature in a non-platform-binding way
  5. Overall, both brand have a huge following. That is not an accident. They both have a lot to offer.

– manzoor


The Proposal

I know I am being a bit generous in my rating, but I am reminded that it is a Rom-Con. It never pretended to be anything else. That honesty itself is worth recognition.

Also, I realized again that I am a fan of Ryan Reynolds. I’ve always been a fan of Sandra Bullock and she sealed it completely with The Blind Side.

– manzoor

Good News / Bad News for my Smart Phone

I was starting to get worried that I would not be able to use my phone (that I’ve barely had for 3 and a half year) much longer. It has been my goal to use the smart phone for 5 years. So far, I have been able to use them for about 4 and a half in the past.

The good news – the device is just fine and the latest OS, v11.3, is working smoothly (so far).

So, the bad news is not so much about the device (i.e., hardware) but the content I’ve piled on it. More specifically – my 200K+ pix.

– manzoor

iTunes, iCloud

I am a user of Apple Eco System and I pay (willingly) for some “Cloud Storage” services. I also pay for the following devices:

  • Phone
  • Computing Devices (Laptop / Desktop)
  • Streaming Media (Apple TV)
  • Watch

When I say I “pay” for the things above I mean both in terms of money (one time for the devices and recurring for the service(s)) and also time & effort. The time & effort in mind is the more “expensive” part of this whole deal. But the value I get from this is worth it to me.

My digital library consists of:

  • A little over 4K songs (there ar esome duplicates that I need to sort at some point) – stored locally on external drives and in iTunes
  • About 50 movies – in iTunes and, most of them, also in physical DVDs / Blu-Rays
  • “Some” pix – stored on 2 different flickr accounts, iCloud and locally

I do believe I cloud have gone to another camp (Android / Google) had I access to a different Smart Phone when I got my first Smart Phone. I got the iPhone as my first Smart Phone back in 2007. Which was a bit weird because I was one of the last person to get a Cell / Mobile phone that I personally knew. The reason I claim I could have gone to a different camp is that that iPhone was the very first Apple Device I ever owned. Never before that time had I ever personally bought or owned a Apple Product. I did use iTunes (on my PC) to organize & play music.

Since getting my first iPhone I have now switched to MacBook for my laptop (which is also my primary computing device – both personal and for work), iMac for my family Computing Device (which I only get on to keep updated and “clean”) and a Mac Mini for my multi-monitor desktop.

I do consider myself to be an early adopter of “technology” but I do the adoption with the least amount of monetary / financial investment as possible. While I was the first of my friends to get a Smart Phone, I have gotten the fewer actual Phones than most of my friends. Once I get a device I tend to keep it for a while.

– manzoor

iPhone Mini??

Just read a rumor of a possible 4″ iPhone. The 2 major features that caught my interest were:

  1. Wireless Headphone
  2. Taking away of the Home Button

The second feature seems inevitable but it’s really the “Wireless Headphone” that had really got me thinking. Personally I have been thinking of getting a wireless headphone ever since I got my Apple Watch. I just have not found a pair that was both “good” and “priced well”.

OTOH, forcing the users to “buy” (invest in) a Wireless Headphone does somehow seem not right 😦1

Also, I think I read that they’re trying to make it “thinner” – how much thinner does it really need to get? Seriously? It’s already too thin if you ask me. So thin that even the “camera” does not quite fit in it. For me the 4s was a really good form factor.

The final feature that comes to mind is the wireless charging. Not really ground breaking here.

A smaller iPhone would definitely be something I look at getting  – eventually. When I got my iPhone 6 (after initially getting the 6 Plus) I was a bit disappointed – at having to have had gone “bigger”. So, being able to get back to my 4″ size would be preferable.2 I am going to be looking at the following more closely when I eventually do look at getting my next phone.3

  • Camera – I take most of my pix with my Phone. Even when I have the SLR around. I end up taking some pix with my Phone. Just because of the convenience.
  • Storage – though I do use iCloud, I still prefer the local storage
  • Overall Build – I felt the 4s was built better than the current 6
  • Performance – Processor / WiFi / Network

– Manzoor

  1. I’m assuming Apple will NOT be including a pair with the Phone
  2. I have fairly small palm / hand and even the 4.7″ is a bit too large 😦
  3. So far I’ve had:
    1. The Original iPhone
    2. iPhone 4S
    3. iPhone 6 (current)

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iPhone 6

Even though I had pre-ordered, I had to return the Plus and re-order the regular 6 and wait for it to arrive in the mail. The plus was just too big 😦 I was really, really hoping that the Plus would be the right size and then I would not need1 to get a Tablet / iPad. Now I am kinda stuck a larger Phone (larger than the 4″) but this doesn’t really replace the need1 for a tablet.

Also, this might be the first time I actually got a phone before I had to get it 😦 Feeling a bit guilty about that. Much as I love gadgets, I do take pride in making the most of my purchases / investments in them.

– manzoor

  1. I realize “need” is a subjective. To me, ideally, the tablet totally replace the need for a laptop. Since currently there is no iPad that can really replace my need for carrying my laptop, my next level of definition of need is to be able to


  1. Primary Goal / Objective – “Learn to Program” in Python. The emphasis is on “Programming” / “Software Development” and not on “Python”.
  2. Supporting Goal / Objective – Build and Make Available (publicly) an Application Desktop and Mobile (preferably native for both iOS and Android). The purpose of the supporting goal is to

To Learn:

  1. Programming (starting with Python, but the objective is to learn “Programming” not to learn to “Program in Python” ONLY)
  2. Modern Application – Mobile is definitely one of the objective
  3. Publish an App (in the App Store and Marketplace)

– manzoor

  • Python
  • CoffeeScript
  • JavaScript
  • Ruby
  • Ruby on Rails
  • HTML5
  • Java

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