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High Mileage Automobiles

Sure – the term “High Mileage” is relative – but I am thinking in terms of cars that are on the roads today in my area. Most of them, I believe, get somewhere between 14 and low 20s mpg. High Mileage in this respect would be something in the range of high 40 mpg or above.

Of course, if we move our criteria from conventional cars to hybrids and pure electric (or other alternative) power than the mileage becomes irrelevant.

– manzoor

  • Elio Motors
  • Tesla

iPod + [super] PDA + Cell Phone

Now that we’ve got both the:

I cannot help but want to have a single device that combines both of these (and also cell / mobile phone1).

You see, the iPod is great because I can store, and play,

  • Music
  • Pictures
  • Video

And the storage is large enough that I can put quite a bit (not nearly as much as I’d like to) and carry it around. But I cannot use this device to “communicate” (e-mail, browse the web, IM, chat etc) with my family, friends and co-workers.

That’s where the new Palm TX comes in.

Unfortunately, the RX does not have nearly enough storage :o( The LifeDrive is slightly better, but only slight.

– manzoor

1 – Cell / Mobile Phone Should be Replaced by VoIP Phone

Searching the Net

With all the developments in the general area of the Internet – searching it has become more complicated. This is partly because more and more resources are available and our searches are becoming more and more vague

Therefor, I really, really wish that search sites would allow me to:

  • Save my Searches
  • Rank my Search Results

So that I can return to my searches and refine them more till I eventually get to “the information”.

– manzoor

Next Generation “Telephone”

OK, the telephone has come a long way. We’ve got our regular phone service, the cell / mobile phones service and now even a Internet based telephone.

What I would like to see happen is a “bluetooth” ear / mouth piece that is compatible with my PC and also with my PDA. My PC (wireless laptop or wired Desktop) and PDA are both connected to the internet most of the time, so if I had an internet based telephone on both of them, I would not need my regular phone or my cell / mobile phone. My PC / PDA based internet phone would replace my need for both.

Since this would be based on internet technology standard, by defination there would not be roaming or long distance – anywhere in the world.

– manzoor

iPod – Wireless

Since with iTunes and Wireless we can stream Music to our Home Stereo System, it is only logical to want to do the same from our iPods.

I am fully confident that Apple will soon make this a reality.

Also, we should soon be able to store, and play & stream, videos on [from] our iPods. Well maybe not from the ones we’ve already purchased but from the new ones they come out this year.

– manzoor