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Forever a Temp

Disclaimer – I have believed for a while now that we are witnessing a time when we are about to redefine “workers”. If not for all workers, at least a vast majority of them.

That the radio show “Forever a Temp” was an interesting eye opener is an understatement. The first comment that caught my attention was – there is an assumption that most of the people / workers in the “new” model are the millenials, but that is far for the fact. A lot of these workers are actually

– manzoor

    • Gigged: The End of the Job and The Future of Work by Sarah Kessler


Can the Can’t

I never heard the actual program and was not quite able to find it. But over the last few days they were talking about this 2nd (maybe 3rd) grade teacher planning a eulogy for “can’t”.

When you say you can’t, you are actually giving up.

I thought that was an excellent perspective. Of course we can’t say “yes” to everything – there simply isn’t the time available to do it all.

– manzoor

Another Point

I have been thinking that we are not hearing enough different perspectives on the Sexual Harassment / Assault. Even though so many woman have finally been coming out and speaking strongly about the horrible things that they have been going thru all their lives.

Finally, on This American Life over the weekend they finally brought up a new perspective.

– manzoor

Five Woman on This American Life

Throwing a Baseball at Near LightSpeed

I don’t really recall which program it was on but I was listening to NPR / KUT and heard this little piece of “What If”.

The explanation included how the air in front of the ball would not be able to move around the ball as it usually does, since it was moving soooooo fast. So, instead there would be a vacuum created right behind the ball as it was moving and there would be a constant fusion in front of it.

As I was listening the one question that was going thru my mind – wait a second, why / how would the ball itself remain together? Are we assuming the whole ball is acting like a single “thing”?

Needless to say, I eventually google’d and did find some related / relevant articles but not exactly the program 😦

– manzoor