Say vs Ask vs Tell

When we “say” something, it is not as important that someone heard it. But when we “ask” for someone for something or “tell” someone something, it is necessary that the “someone” heard what we asked for or what you told them. – manzoor

Mis Communication

I have mentioned this to many of my friends over the years – my manager, Bill, at one of my earlier jobs told be once – communication is a 2 way street. When you tell someone something, you should verify that he heard what you meant to communicate. And vice versa, i.e., when you hear … More Mis Communication

2 Way

We don’t realize this but most things in life are bi-directional. Communication, relationship are 2 that comes to mind off the top. When we communicate we often pay more attention to what we say and what we hear and not enough on what the other is saying or maybe hearing. Just because I say something … More 2 Way


It’s almost funny how rarely we remember that communication is a two way street. Sometimes what we say is not heard correctly and sometimes what we meant to say is not said correctly. – manzoor