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Google Drive

I think I have learned a few things about Google Drive today. I have not looked into all of the close enough to be able to claim that I know this is how things work, but so far this is my conclusion:

  1. If you move things to / off Google Drive from multiple clients, everytime things (i.e., files) are moved from the “Google Drive” to a local (local to the client) storage, they also gets stored to the “Google Drive” Trash folder
  2. The Trash folder seems to ONLY be visible from the Web / Browser Client
  3. The Trash Folder does NOT seem to clean up automatically
    1. If it does, or if there is a setting to make it happen, it is not obvious.
  4. Trying to Manually clean up the Trash Folder when there are a “lot” of stuff (either in the Trash Folder itself or overall in the Google Drive) is not trivial task
    1. There is an option to “Empty Trash” which might seem tempting but it took me a while to realize that it does NOT work.
    2. You realize very quickly that the web app is prone to all kinds of “browser” weirdness – most obvious “Clear Cache” (i.e., Browsing History)
    3. The step(s) that worked (or, seems to have worked) for me:
      1. Clear Cache
      2. Select a single large file and right click on it and select “Delete forever”
      3. Repeat step 2 till the total storage usage comes closer to 10Gb than 15
      4. Select a half dozen files and right-click select to “Delete forever”
      5. In going thru steps 2 thru 5 I did run into a few “Server error”. In which case, I closed the browser and opened a different one and started from Step 1
      6. Also, not sure what (if any) impact this step had but I did also clean my local “Trash” – on all my computers / laptops
  5. When your total storage usage is calculated, it also counts what is in the “Trash Folder”. Which is why, even after moving large files from your Google Drive to your local storage does not seem to have any affect on the total storage used 😦

– manzoor

P.S. I don’t have any paid service from Google, which might contribute to my experience. Your’s might be different.

P.P.S. I also use multiple laptops / desktops to access my Google Drive and also to move files from / between machines. Which is probably not a usual use case.


Bangla on the Net

I’ve thought about writing in Bangla on the net, i.e., e-mails / blogs etc, but been too lazy to make an effort. I ought to.

BTW, I want to do it, not because I don’t know English (which I do, to a degree) – but because Bangla is still my natural language and I “think” in Bangla. And I communicate with mostly people in that same category.

I shared this opinion on a friends’ FB status and somehow, and quite abruptly, the thread turned into “Bangla vs English”.

My idea of using Bangla as a Language was not meant to be a political stand or anything like that. Bangla happens to be primary language and a lot of the people I communicate with on the net come from similar background as mine. So, communicating in Bangla just is a natural choice. Or so it seems to me.

I am quite confident that Bangla will survive and strive for a long time, just like it has done for so long. Both the language and the culture is rich enough to do this. Neither needs me, but I need both (the language and the culture). They, and my religion, my philosophy, my beliefs etc together define who I am.

Just as Bangla in a part of me, so is English. But while Bangla is near and dear to me – English is a necessity and a convenience. Being able to communicate in English has allowed me to come to the US and establish a life for me and my family. But learning English it in the first place was a choice.

– manzoor