Monthly Archives: November 2004

Who am I . . . .

The other day I heard someone on TV (or may the radio) mention that we all have 3 “person” in each of us.

  1. The person we are (or we believe / think we are)
  2. The person other’s see us as
  3. The person we want [strive] to become

This got me thinking. Who am I?

Chronologically, I am a:

  • Son (grandson, nephew) – my birth did all the work
  • Brother – my sister’s birth caused this
  • Friend – this was the first relation that I had a hand in
  • Husband
  • Parent / Father

Also, in no particular order, I am a:

  • Software Engineer – went to school, applied and got accepted for various jobs
  • Food / Restaurant, Movie, Gadget etc fan & reviewer
  • A volunteer
  • A sports fan – I, definitely, used to be a much bigger fan of sports but find myself to be less interested these days

I can’t speak of what other’s think of me (I do know what some people think of me, but I think I would really like to know more), but I do know (at least at this time) that I would like to become

In each of these identity / role I have certain expectation of myself as does others of me. That’s where my duties and responsibilities are assigned.

– manzoor


Moral Values

The recent election has made “Moral Values” a huge issue and it got me thinking – what are my “Moral Values”? I mean, I believe I am a fairly moral person, why don’t I think the same way these voters do? What’s wrong with me?

– manzoor

US Election ’04 . . . .

George W Bush wins the presidency for the second term.

  • More than 59 million people voted for him (and 55 for John Kerry)

  • He won 279 Electoral College (and John Kerry 252)

In his acceptence speech President George W. Bush mentioned that he wants to do his best to reach to the other side (people who voted for Sen. John Kerry) to bring the nation closer. He also mention that we were one nation with one Constitution bound together with one future1.

Also, in the same election, the Repulicans have gained a few seats in the Senate. They now have 55, the Democrats 44 and there is 1 indipendent.

– manzoor

1 – not exact quote

Overrate / Underrate . . . . .

  • Overrated
    1. Common Sense – Most people, most of the time, overrate their “common sense” and based on the flawed “common sense” reach conclusions that are totally wrong. As bad as this part is, the worse part is the confidence level these people enjoy.
    2. Doing Something – Seems like if there is a problem, the thing to do is to attempt to do “something”, anything. Irrespective of the end result or the intermidiate cost.
    3. World Peace – Everyone says it but no one really means it. The closes thing that people do mean is – World Peace on their term(s).
    4. Honesty – Most people don’t want honesty, they want appreciation, accolade etc. Even if they don’t deserve it.
  • Underrated
    1. Routine – Getting stuff done in the proper time. Doing things at the proper time. These “may” seem too obvious, but they’re not.
    2. Patience –
    3. Ability – Than again people also under rate themselves and their abilities
    4. Blessings – Very few people

– manzoor