Overrate / Underrate . . . . .

  • Overrated
    1. Common Sense – Most people, most of the time, overrate their “common sense” and based on the flawed “common sense” reach conclusions that are totally wrong. As bad as this part is, the worse part is the confidence level these people enjoy.
    2. Doing Something – Seems like if there is a problem, the thing to do is to attempt to do “something”, anything. Irrespective of the end result or the intermidiate cost.
    3. World Peace – Everyone says it but no one really means it. The closes thing that people do mean is – World Peace on their term(s).
    4. Honesty – Most people don’t want honesty, they want appreciation, accolade etc. Even if they don’t deserve it.
  • Underrated
    1. Routine – Getting stuff done in the proper time. Doing things at the proper time. These “may” seem too obvious, but they’re not.
    2. Patience –
    3. Ability – Than again people also under rate themselves and their abilities
    4. Blessings – Very few people

– manzoor

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