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AirPods Dead :(

A couple of weeks (not months) shy of 2 years and they are not working any more ­čśŽ This really sucks.

For a while now the left Pod was having issues – it would keep dropping connection wen I was using it only. The right one was fine. Also when I used them both they still worked fairly well.

– manzoor



Photos App

I will start off with the positive – I very much like the “Photos” app on the iPhone and also on the Mac. I have been using it as my primary tool to manage my 200K+ images. It took me a while to realize that not all my updates and changes are actually pushed and sync’d all the way immediately.

For example, when I add a new pix to my album, that actually does seem to get propagated all the thru almost immediately. Even some of the metadata, i.e., Geo Location, Key words etc are also saved and pushed almost immediately. Where this does not seem to happen is in the case of defining / identifying a face.

– manzoor

Preparing for macOS Mojave

I use my Mac for both work and personal reasons and I do prefer to be on the newest OS level. While I am pretty sure that most of my personal needs will be supported by the new macOS, I am not necessarily as confident of my professional needs. For some context, here is my “Dev Env Setup” that I follow / maintain.

  1. VirtualBox –

The following seem to be working properly, i.e., w/o any issues (so far).

  • Xcode v9.4.1
  • git v2.15.2
  • Viber
  • WhatsApp

– manzoor

Forgive Me

Like a lot of requests we tend to make very generic request for forgiveness, which to me seems worse than NOT asking for forgiveness.

Yesterday was the first day of Ramadan and some of my friends have been posting (and sending DMs) asking for forgiveness if they have unintentionally hurt anyone. Which leads me to think – if my friends intentionally or un-intentionally hurts me should I not confront them directly about it? Isn’t that what friends are supposed to do?

Which leads me to my next question – if the person who has hurt me, intentionally or otherwise, is not a close enough friend who I can confront, should I really be offended / hurt by their words or actions?

– manzoor


Imported Music not Showing Up on My Phone

Steps I have taken so far.

To troubleshoot:

  • Check other devices with my account to see the imported music – PASS
  • Looked under the “Recently Added” section
  • Searched for the “Artist”

To fix:

  • Closed the app
  • Closed the App and closed the phone (did not shut / power it down)
  • Switched WiFi network
  • Turned WiFi Off and back On
  • Went to “other” WiFi network
  • Closed all Apps and left the Phone being Charged all night (from a little after 2 till about 6am)
  • Eventually power cycled the Phone (after having had tried all the above steps)

– manzoor

CarTalk Coming to an End

Without really realizing I have been listening less and less CarTalk for some time now. Maybe my driving habits have changed or maybe my girls have more or less taken over my radio controls, in any case I definitely don’t listen to CarTalk nearly as much as I used to.

As little as I did listen, it was comforting to know that it was there. But it all came to an end the other day when I heard that this Saturday is their last show to be broadcast on NPR / KUT.

– manzoor

Official Site

My Apple AirPods

OK, I finally got my Airpods and have been using them for over a week now.

I am still not happy that I had to try so hard to get them. But I am more disappointed that they don’t work nearly as well as Apple had promoted.

  1. They don’t switch between my Mac (Laptop / Mac Mini / iMac) and my iPhone or Apple Watch
  2. They don’t switch from my iPhone to my Apple Watch when I am on WiFi
  3. They do not get picked up by my iPhone everytime

Let me elaborate.

3. They Airpods do not always get paired automatically to my iPhone when I put them “on”. I have to Pair them manually probably 30% of the time. Maybe less, but it definitely feels like I am having to do it way too more frequently than I ought to be.

2. When I have the Airpods paired to my iPhone and am listening to Music from my iPhone or on a Call (yes, I do make / receive phone calls on my iPhone) and am walking around without my iPhone on me but my wearing Apple Watch – I will get disconnected 100% of the time if I walk far enough from my iPhone but am still in WiFi range. It seems to matter not if I initiate the music / phone call from my iPhone or Apple Watch. But I need to try this a bit more. Most of my use has been playing┬ámusic / initiating the Phone call from my iPhone.

1. This was the primary feature in my mind why I spent so much (time / energy / money) in getting the Airpods in the first place – to be able to seamlessly switch between my Mac(s) (Laptop / Mac Mini / iMac) and my iPhone / Apple Watch. This fails 100% of the time.

OK, time for some positives.

  • The charge stays on for a good amount of time. Also, it seems to do a good job of going into power save mode when not actively being used.
  • Feels the same to me (sound quality and physically in my ears) as the regular Apple Headphones.
  • Pauses Music / Movie if I take off either (or both) of the Airpods. And also resumes soon as I put them back on.

And some neither positive or negative comments.

  • They are super expensive. But to their credit – they said how much they were long before they were even available.
  • Supply is still very lacking.
  • It does seem likely that I will loose them before long ­čśŽ

– manzoor

My Equipments:

  • Apple iPhone 6 running iOS 10.3 (beta)
  • Mac
    • MacBook Pro 13″ (Retina, Early 2015) running macOS Sierra
    • Mac Mini (Late 2014) running macOS Sierra
    • iMac running macOS Sierra
  • Apple Watch running watchOS v3.1.3

Apple AirPods

Yes, they are now supposedly released and available. But if you go to their website the earliest you can get them shipped is late February. And it seems to be slipping slowly as time goes by. I have tried going to the store before they open – 7 days in about a 12 day period and have not been able to get one.

But people are getting them. I ran into someone at the Whole Foods Market the other day who had one on. I did chat with him for a few minutes and he seemed really pleased. though the one feature that is really driving me to it seems to not be as important to him – moving from Watch / iPhone to other Apple devices. He seemed quite satisfied moving from his Watch to iPhone back-and-forth.

– manzoor

Google Drive

I think I have learned a few things about Google Drive today. I have not looked into all of the close enough to be able to claim that I know this is how things work, but so far this is my conclusion:

  1. If you move things to / off Google Drive from multiple clients, everytime things (i.e., files) are moved from the “Google Drive” to a local (local to the client) storage, they also gets stored to the “Google Drive” Trash folder
  2. The Trash folder seems to ONLY be visible from the Web / Browser Client
  3. The Trash Folder does NOT seem to clean up automatically
    1. If it does, or if there is a setting to make it happen, it is not obvious.
  4. Trying to Manually clean up the Trash Folder when there are a “lot” of stuff (either in the Trash Folder itself or overall in the Google Drive) is not trivial task
    1. There is an option to “Empty Trash” which might seem tempting but it took me a while to realize that it does NOT work.
    2. You realize very quickly that the web app is prone to all kinds of “browser” weirdness – most obvious “Clear Cache” (i.e., Browsing History)
    3. The step(s) that worked (or, seems to have worked) for me:
      1. Clear Cache
      2. Select a single large file and right click on it and select “Delete forever”
      3. Repeat step 2 till the total storage usage comes closer to 10Gb than 15
      4. Select a half dozen files and right-click select to “Delete forever”
      5. In going thru steps 2 thru 5 I did run into a few “Server error”. In which case, I closed the browser and opened a different one and started from Step 1
      6. Also, not sure what (if any) impact this step had but I did also clean my local “Trash” – on all my computers / laptops
  5. When your total storage usage is calculated, it also counts what is in the “Trash Folder”. Which is why, even after moving large files from your Google Drive to your local storage does not seem to have any affect on the total storage used ­čśŽ

– manzoor

P.S. I don’t have any paid service from Google, which might contribute to my experience. Your’s might be different.

P.P.S. I also use multiple laptops / desktops to access my Google Drive and also to move files from / between machines. Which is probably not a usual use case.