As I was writing the previous post, Forgive Me, I realized what was really bothering me was the fact that we tend to make too many generalization.

We were having dinner with a few friends and 2 separate statements were made by 2 of my friends:

  1. are education producing better knowledge today than in the past?
  2. Kids today waste a lot of time – on electronic devices

Let’s take the second one first, since I did protest right away. I was arguing that kids have always found a way to “waste time”, a “tremendous amount of time”. Yes, in the past there were not smart electronic devices available so they were not able to waste time on those, but waste time they did. My friend counter argued, no “we did not waste time as much as kids today do”. Which, I am sure, is absolutely true. But “we” is an extremely small sample size.

Now going back to the first – this actually has root in the basic idea that somehow “things were better back in our days”. Somehow generations before “our’s” was not enlightened enough and generations since are simply “lazy”.

I am sure that I too am responsible of making the same generalization in other situations but since I make them I don’t realize / notice them 😦

– manzoor


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