About Manzoorul Hassan

A few basic facts about me – I was born in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Then I spent a couple of years in Shanghai and then in Manila. Afterwards I returned to Bangladesh only to leave again after high school. I have been living in Austin, TX ever since. I went to school at the University of Texas, got my first job at IBM (then Schlumberger, then Tivoli, then Vignette and so on). I am a Software Engineer by profession. Love photography (more specifically to photograph), food (and things related to food – i.e., restaurants, recipes, cooking etc), reading, watching movies.

I originally started writing my blog on blogspot back in 2003. In addition to posting my thoughts as blogs I have also shared them on the following:

I am sure there is a lot about it me that is not covered in all these outlets, but they do capture a lot of of me.


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