Monthly Archives: September 2004

On the Net . . . . .

I have been “on the Net” for about 11+ years now. Like a lot of my fellow “netters” I too started with archie, gopher etc in the very begining. Then I slowly progressed to the Usenet (initially using rn and later upgrading to trn) and the WWW.

My very first post was probably to soc.culture.bangladesh. At least that’s what I am able to find by Googling for “Manzoorul Hassan” under “Google Groups”. The earliest article seems to have been posted July 1993. But I could have sworn my earlier postings were in all caps. I know, I know that’s NOT the polite way of posting. But at that time I didn’t know any better. On my terminal it (the all caps) was simply easier / better to see. But since I can’t seem to Google it, I’ll just believe that I am mistaken ;o)

While I was fairly active in the Usenet, I never got involved in the BBS (online chat) type activities and still have not quite got on the Instant Msg thing. I have finally gotten on the Blog thing (which I’m still fairly new at) and am really enjoying it.

In my most active days I used to read, and post to,

  • soc.culture.bangladesh
  • (which I still am fairly active in)
  • comp.os.linux.*
  • comp.os.os2.*
  • etc

I have finally picked blogging (technically I picked it back in late ’03, but haven’t really posted anything yet) and though I’m still a novice (you can tell from this, my very first, blog), I have a good feel for this.

– manzoor