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Apple iPhone 4

is out!!!

iPhone 4

One of my friend already got his (pictured above) by FedEx. I know another was waiting for her’s. A total of 5 of my friends were waiting in line to get / pick-up their’s. If it all works out, 7 of my friends will have the new iPhone the day it came out.

– manzoor

Rudy’s BBQ

  • Location – Various
  • Cuisine – BBQ
  • Cost – $
  • Hours – ??
  • Rate – 7


Rudy's Bar-BQ Sause Saustin, TX Rudy's BBQCome Hungry, Leave Fed Up
Moist Brisket

Rudy’s is my most frequent BBQ spot – first because it (the 183 location) is so conveniently located and the ppl are so awesome (not to mention those extra moist brisket – yumm).

– manzoor