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Franklin BBQ


  • Locations:
    • East / Downtown – 900 E. 11th Street, Austin TX
  • Hours – Tues – Sun 11am to SOLD OUT


Lean Brisket Chopped Beef Franklin's BBQ Pecan Pie Lemon Chess Pie


Feb 20th, ’15 –

Oct 15th, ’11 – Finally made it. Got in line just before 10:30. After waiting over 2 hours and driving back home it was almost 2 before I got to try. Happen to also pick a couple of the pies (from Cake & Spoon).

Oct 8th ’11 – Again failed to try. Got there too late. Will attempt again next Saturday.

Aug 20th, ’11 – Just went by to check out the place that I’ve heard so much about. There was a long line, the expected wait time was about 45min

– manzoor


Lamberts Downtown Barbecue

I saw this place mentioned in “Meat & Potatoes” (on their BBQ Madness Show). It looks really fancy, but the food looked really good. Yes, I know BBQ and “fancy” doesn’t really go together – but something about this place looked different.

Maybe I will be disappointed, but won’t know till I try it ;~)

– manzoor

Rudy’s BBQ

  • Location – Various
  • Cuisine – BBQ
  • Cost – $
  • Hours – ??
  • Rate – 7


Rudy's Bar-BQ Sause Saustin, TX Rudy's BBQCome Hungry, Leave Fed Up
Moist Brisket

Rudy’s is my most frequent BBQ spot – first because it (the 183 location) is so conveniently located and the ppl are so awesome (not to mention those extra moist brisket – yumm).

– manzoor

BBQ Around Central TX

Here’s a short list of Texas BBQ places that I have already experienced or plan to soon ;~)

I’m also working on my list of Tex-Mex / Mexican Places Around Central TX.

– manzoor

The Salt Lick – Round Rock, TX

  • Location – North (Round Rock, TX)
  • Cuisine – BBQ
  • Cost – $+
  • Hours –
  • Rate – 6
The Pit
Salt Lick Beef Brisket Untitled Beef Ribs Plate

The food is quite similar but the experience is not :o( Maybe it’s the fact that

  • you don’t necessarily have to drive 40minutes to get there
  • you don’t walk as wide a parking area
  • you didn’t have to make sure to have “cash” on you

whatever it is, somehow the “experience” is somewhat less.