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iPhone vs Samsung

A friend of mine recently was showing off some pix he took while on vacation with his Samsung Galaxy Note9. I must say, they looked stunning. Unrivaled.

I must confess that I have not tried many different test shots to compare. I only looked at the few shots he happened to have had taken.

I should add some disclaimers right away so that I am not misunderstood:

  1. I don’t use my iPhone as my primary Photography Device
  2. I take a lot of pix with my iPhone
  3. My reason for choosing to stick to the iPhone, and over all App eco-system, goes far beyond a single feature
  4. I am absolutely un-offended by your decision to select a device that is not from the Apple family
    1. While I like being able to leverage the vary many services of the Apple eco-system, I do look forward to the opportunity to be able to use those feature in a non-platform-binding way
  5. Overall, both brand have a huge following. That is not an accident. They both have a lot to offer.

– manzoor



Why Am I Talking?

Someone told me this the other day (earlier this evening) and I really want to make this a bigger part of me. As much s it is true that I don’t open up, I think often I open up a bit too much and miss making the actual point.

– manzoor


Top 20 Global Internet Companies

Top 20 Global Internet Companies

The first thing that came to my mind was – wow, there are no companies listed that are not from the US or China.

My next question was – really, Apple, Microsoft and Salesforce are Internet Companies?

A friend of mine asked a really interesting question – how many of the Chinese companies were original concepts and how many were copies of other companies re-implemented in China?

– manzoor