Monthly Archives: February 2005

Social Security, Health Care etc

There is no doubt that Social Security is fairly bad state. What may be not as obvious, at least it isn’t to me, what exactly the “problem” is and how to fix it.

To me, the “problem” is that we don’t have a system to provide a safety net for our citizens. At a time when any kind of pension through job is all but gone, more of us need, depend on, a system similar to what Social Security was supposed to be.

– manzoor


Next Generation “Telephone”

OK, the telephone has come a long way. We’ve got our regular phone service, the cell / mobile phones service and now even a Internet based telephone.

What I would like to see happen is a “bluetooth” ear / mouth piece that is compatible with my PC and also with my PDA. My PC (wireless laptop or wired Desktop) and PDA are both connected to the internet most of the time, so if I had an internet based telephone on both of them, I would not need my regular phone or my cell / mobile phone. My PC / PDA based internet phone would replace my need for both.

Since this would be based on internet technology standard, by defination there would not be roaming or long distance – anywhere in the world.

– manzoor

iPod – Wireless

Since with iTunes and Wireless we can stream Music to our Home Stereo System, it is only logical to want to do the same from our iPods.

I am fully confident that Apple will soon make this a reality.

Also, we should soon be able to store, and play & stream, videos on [from] our iPods. Well maybe not from the ones we’ve already purchased but from the new ones they come out this year.

– manzoor