Arranged Marriage

I suppose all marriages are “arranged” in some fashion, but I am thinking of arranged marriages that happen in the culture I come from – Bangladeshi. As I write this sentence, I realize this actually makes no sense what so ever- because there really is no one specific definition of this kind of marriages I … More Arranged Marriage


We don’t usually think of time as a resource. Like any other resource we “spend” time. But unlike most other resource, we can’t really “get” more time. At least not as directly as we can get other resources. – manzoor Related: Wikipedia

AirPods – Update

Turns out that the AirPods aren’t quite dead. Well, looks like one of them – the left one might be. But the case and the right AirPod seem to work just fine. – manzoor Related: AirPods Dead

Say vs Ask vs Tell

When we “say” something, it is not as important that someone heard it. But when we “ask” for someone for something or “tell” someone something, it is necessary that the “someone” heard what we asked for or what you told them. – manzoor

AirPods Dead :(

A couple of weeks (not months) shy of 2 years and they are not working any more 😦 This really sucks. For a while now the left Pod was having issues – it would keep dropping connection wen I was using it only. The right one was fine. Also when I used them both they … More AirPods Dead 😦