Been watching Chuck on Amazon lately. Earlier this morning was watching Ep 1 of Season 2. We don’t always see the good that happens to us and only see the most obvious / visible. – manzoor

Buford Tower

I took this picture almost 10 years ago – October 2008. This has always been an “Austin Marker” in my mind, but somehow never thought of finding out more about it. Recently they have been talking about it on the radio and that’s how I found out that this is “Buford Tower”. – manzoor Wikipedia


As I was writing the previous post, Forgive Me, I realized what was really bothering me was the fact that we tend to make too many generalization. We were having dinner with a few friends and 2 separate statements were made by 2 of my friends: are education producing better knowledge today than in the … More Generalization

Forgive Me

Like a lot of requests we tend to make very generic request for forgiveness, which to me seems worse than NOT asking for forgiveness. Yesterday was the first day of Ramadan and some of my friends have been posting (and sending DMs) asking for forgiveness if they have unintentionally hurt anyone. Which leads me to … More Forgive Me