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January 29th

I really wish I started writing something on each of my special day much earlier. I had even thought about it. But me and my procrastination . . . . .

Anyway, I am going to try the next best thing possible – thin of each of the year in the past and try to recall what was going thru me at that time. I’m sure I will be leaving out a lot – since this is more publicly available. But I should put enough in here so that I can later recall what was going through. The more recent years I should be able to recall more easily – since  have pictures ;~)

  • 2019
  • 2015
  • 2013 –
  • 2012 –
  • 2011 –
  • 2010 –
  • 2009 –
  • 2008 – Leaving in my own house for the very first time ever. Well, the lender still owns it, but I have a mortgage that says that if I keep paying for the next 15 years, it will become our’s ;~)
  • 2007
  • 2006
  • 2005
  • 2004
  • 2003 – Arunima about 8 months and Ritika 4
  • 2002
  • 2001
  • 2000 – Ritika about 8 months.
  • 1999
  • 1998
  • 1997
  • 1996
  • 1995
  • 1994
  • 1993
  • 1992
  • 1991
  • 1990 – I’ve been at Austin / UT a whole semester now. Have experienced Halloween.
  • 1989 – I am restless to leave Bangladesh and move.
  • 1988
  • 1987 – H.S.C. now behind and am doing my B.Sc. Babon is no longer with us.
  • 1986
  • 1985
  • 1984 – School behind, preparing for S.S.C. in a couple of months.
  • 1983 –
  • 1982 –
  • 1981 –
  • 1980 –

– manzoor


Nook Books

I finally decided to get a eBook – “Programming Amazon Web Services”. The initial search led me to believe that

But once I decided to get it and started looking for my options I soon realized:

  • Nook Reader is not compatible with OS X v10.8 or above (I am currently on v10.9)
  • It is supposed to support iOS (both iPhone and iPad), but the book does not even show up on my Nook reader app on my iPhone

So, basically the very first eBook I really wanted to get – I am unable to because B&N / Nook has not kept up with Software updates 😦

– manzoor

My Wishlist – Restaurants

A lot of these are from Triple D and other Food Network Shows and I have a separate list of them, but a few are that I have picked from friends and other sources.

Here’s a list of places I learned about from my friends.

– manzoor

My Wishlists

Of the many things that are on my wishlist, one that is always on my mind is – to get my blog posts updated properly. I start too many posts / topics but have yet to finish any one of them 😦

While I work on that, I would like to someday like to learn to bake – cakes, breads, pastries and other desserts. I can’t really cook, but am able to follow a recipe for the most part. And if I do make a mistake, I am able to recover for the most part.

If I could write a book that other’s would find interesting – And if none of the above ever gets done but

– manzoor

  • Movies
  • Books on My Wishlist

    Here are some books that I am meaning to read at some point. I also have a similar (and a bit more comprehensive) list on goodreads. Not sure if you are going to be able to view my list without an account. Though the account is free, not sure you will want to register for it.

    • The Blood Telegram – Random House
    • Islam without Extremes by Mustafa – Amazon
      • Learned about this on Fareed Zakaria GPS
    • The Reason I Jump – Amazon

    – manzoor