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The Nothing by Hanif Kureishi

I heard the interview for the 2nd time, I think, earlier this morning. The first time was yesterday. But yesterday I didn’t get far enough to listen to the actual interview. Come to think about it, it might have been a preview about the interview that I did listen to this morning that they were talking about yesterday.

In any case, during the interview I learned a bit more about the author, Hanif Kureishi. He also wrote (or wrote the screenplay) “My Beautiful Laundrette”, which of course now is on my wishlist.

– manzoor


Norwegian Wood

Our relationships are interesting. They are continually evolving. They have to – as we ourselves are continuously evolving. Every day, every moment we experience life and those experiences, ever so slightly and slowly, enriches our perspectives.

Apr 4th, ’28 – Finished it finally. Now that I have finished this I really want to find out which of his work is considered his best work. I have heard so many people say that this is not his best work that I am really curious to find out what people think is his best work.

Having just finished this I find it hard to believe that he has written something else that I will find better. Which is a reflection more on me and how I have related to this at this time in my life than anything else.

Mar 31st, ’18 – It’s taking me quite a long time to finish this but that is not because I am not enjoying it. If anything I am enjoying it a bit too much. But every little section I read, I get to a point that is a bit too interesting and I have to put it down to think about the section. But am hoping to finish it soon.

– manzoor

A Man Called Ove

Feb 10th, ’18 – Finally watched it on my Apple TV via Amazon Prime Video. It’s actually funny, because I was looking for a different movie, Khaad, that my friend had suggested and searching for it lead to no success I fell back to re-watch Moonstruck and after finishing it I was just browsing and stumbled.

– manzoor