I can’t even recall when it was that I watched this movie but I will always remember it to be one of my all time favorite movies. In many ways I don’t even want to watch it again – in case it is not as good as I remember. – manzoor IMDb

My News Source

Someone asked me the other day what my news source were. My response was – none specifically. While I do listen to NPR and will watch CNN from time to time, I don’t really do either to get my “news”. I think we have blurred the line between “news” and “opinion” to the point that … More My News Source

TED Talks

I have been listening to TED Talks for a while now but I guess I never really wrote my thoughts about them before. It’s about time ;~) In addition to the Talks I also listen to the TED Radio Hour on KUT / NPR. – manzoor Philosophy for a Happy Life